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&207/ Blink: Street Acrobatics

French and Latvian Ninjas. Is it something about culture or food? Shouts to Tim Ferriss, who pointed us back to the topic. Don't EVER try this at home!

&202/ Blink: Playing "I'm always a little wary of actors or musicians declaring their support for a cause. Why care more about their opinion than anyone else's? No one's ever convinced me that support of a figure from popular culture ever made a real difference in a political campaign, and it could do more harm than good. This remix of Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" speech by of group, Black Eyed Peas, features a motley assortment of creative characters, from A-list to random-list. It's eye-catching — and given that in two days it's been uploaded by a ton of different users, and has been watched millions of times, it's certainly testament to the way the Democratic candidate has caught the attention of the YouTube generation. Will it make a difference? I guess we'll see tomorrow."

&199/ Blink: Grand Central Frozen

&181/ Blink: Mercury Surface

Mercury Surface

Image © NASA

From interface design to surface design: Simply beautiful. Images from NASA's MESSENGER historic first flyby.

Fly with NASA!

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