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Can I have your iPhone?

No, you are gonna blend it!

Not me ;)

It's going to keep me organized.

Thanks, Tom Dickson! | Watch Blendtec!

&408/ Blink: A Dose of Architecture

Image © John Hill

Hubertus Adam points us to Frank Gehry's InterActiveCorp building in a recent NZZ article featuring glass architecture in Manhattan. John Hill provides amazing photographs of an amazing building.

Browse the photographs! | Get your daily dose of architecture!

&381/ Blink: Human Mirror

&367/ Blink: 3 Cultures Compared

One of our best articles in 2007 is broken. This is a re-post of the initial article with a modified YouTube URL.

Tim Ferris points us to a documentary by Bob Compton today, comparing 4 highschool years in the US, China, and India. Could a flat-world awakening have positive effects on the education system in the US and in Europe? Remember what happened after the Sputnik shock 50 years ago - from NewScientistSpace:

H.aral.d featuring almost 4 months ago. Yes, we can. Can we?

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