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&326/ Blink: On Earth's Surface

Burj Dubai

On the 160th floor, to be exact. A view from the World's tallest tower construction site: Burj Dubai. Thanks, BuJ!

[Update May 23: If you are aware of copyright information concerning the image above, pls. contact me.]

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UAE Coastline

Image © NASA

According to the census conducted by the Statistics Center of Dubai, the population of the emirate was 1,422,000 as of 2006 - up from 58,971 in 1968. Have a look at the coast of the United Arab Emirates on a series of Landsat satellite images above. Would be great to have a History slider in Google Earth or Maps ;)

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And he would ask: Daddy, why are you crying? And my answer would be: Son, this is so beautiful. Remember the butterflies in the park? It's as beautiful as that. You were crying as well.

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