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This is my ultimate test: Presenting the idea, concept, image, video to my 3-year old son. In the case above he would say: "Daddy, but the man is moving like a rabbit." And laugh out loud.

Humor, harmony, happiness.

Deal done.

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&303/ Blink: Bike Parking?

Just have a look. This video is viral, indeed. Not funny, just amazing. Thanks, Tina! | Watch the video!

"Via CrunchGear the above video is allegedly being used by Microsoft as an internal promotion tool for encouraging sales of Vista. We’ve defended Microsoft’s takeover offer for Yahoo a number of times previously, but watching this you sort of understand why Yahoo employees are scared.

Long Zheng notes that this video is the real deal (not a spoof) as Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer makes an appearance. Other reports are suggesting that it’s a Microsoft developed internal spoof. What ever it is, it’s bizarre."

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&265/ Blink: Will It Blend?

I have been following this excellent viral marketing campaign for some time now. Recently, Seth Godin appeared as co-actor.

&209/ Blink: Clowns Freaking Out

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