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Every culture celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of a new year - but on what day exactly that transition happens depends completely on convention. During the last 500 years many countries adopted the Gregorian calendar and celebrate the beginning of the new year tomorrow on a day denoted as January 1. Wikipedia, as always, points us to many interesting facts, e.g. ...

&135/ Customs Worldwide: Christmas Eve

Coca-Cola Santa

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We learned recently that Santa Claus' European grandfather, St. Nicholas, brings little presents to all well-behaved children on December 6. He is followed by Christ as a child himself tonight in Central Europe to deliver the the real Christmas gifts. Though, in some countries or families it might take him or Father Christmas until tomorrow morning to show up.

&111/ Customs Worldwide: St. Nicholas

Coca-Cola Santa

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Today is St. Nicholas in Central Europe and just a minute ago I heard him pass by outside, ringing his bell going from door to door. No kidding. But be aware: The white-bearded man depicted above is not St. Nicholas. It is Santa Claus, one of his ancestors.

For those living outside of the USA wondering what all this Black Friday and Cyber Monday talk is about; citing

"Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, where it has served as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season at least since the start of the modern Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924. The term 'Black Friday' has been traced back only to the 1970s.

The term Cyber Monday refers to the Monday immediately following Black Friday, the ceremonial kick-off of the holiday online shopping season in the United States between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Whereas Black Friday is associated with traditional brick-and-mortar stores, Cyber Monday symbolizes a busy day for online retailers. The premise was that consumers would return to their offices after the Black Friday weekend, making purchases online that they were not able to make in stores. Although that idea has not survived the test of time, Cyber Monday has evolved into a significant marketing event, sponsored by the National Retail Federation's division, in which online retailers offer low prices and promotions."

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