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5 more faces in 6 videos (the first 5 can be found here):

  1. Bill Gates formed a venture with Paul Allen, at age 14, called Traf-O-Data, to make traffic counters based on the Intel 8008 processor. The rest is history.
  2. Seth Godin founded one of the first online marketing companies, Yoyodyne in 1995. Since then he has written a lot of books and spoken at quite a few events. On Being Broken as well as Sliced Bread. [Update December 30: Seth Godin Action Figure available!]
  3. Tom Peters presented the findings of his McKinsey study with co-author Bob Waterman 1979 in Munich. Since then, Xcellence as always and Innovation is easy.
  4. Ted Nelson founded Project Xanadu in 1960 with the goal of creating a computer network with a simple user interface. "What is called technology is something you should be very suspicious of."
  5. Fons Trompenaars is a Dutch author in the field of x-cultural communication. What is culture?

5 (actually 6) faces in six videos:

  1. Doug Engelbart received a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University in 1948 and is known for inventing the computer mouse. Part of the 1968 Demo of the oNLine System - known as the mother of all demos.
  2. Richard Branson sold records out of the boot of his car to retail outlets in London in 1969 under the name Virgin. Himself, taking a bath with Rove.
  3. Steve Ballmer was hired in 1980 by by Bill Gates as Microsoft's first business manager. Pitching Windows 1.0 in a 1986 TV spot. And the famous one.
  4. Bill Buxton studied at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht, Holland and holds the title of Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research. Interviewed by UX Connection.
  5. Tim Ferris wrote a #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek bestseller. Interviewed by Robert Scoble. Robert Scoble joined Microsoft in 2003 and left in 2006. Interviewing Tim Ferris.
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