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From a research paper published recently:

"Networks display two effects:

  • Network externalities: the interest in being a member of a network increases more than proportionally with the number of users
  • Congestion point: an increase occurs up to the point where the network cannot support the number of users which depletes the service provided

The challenge for managers of networks is to reach the critical mass where there are enough users to produce this network effect, which implies to:

  • Ask a low price when the network begins to grow
  • Make users pay for the use of the services provided by the network, not the access to it"

Read the paper!

&107/ Just Found: Office Look-Alike

Will this be real?

Mashable shows screenshots of Live Documents that look like a perfect replica of Microsoft Office.

We argued before that our personal Office killer features would be #1 The Ribbon and #2 SmartArt Graphics. I see the ribbon in the screenshots. What about SmartArt graphics? The question I sent in to InstaColl two weeks ago remained unanswered ...

Do you have additional information?

Found on Mashable!
[Update January 16: Look at The Universal Desktop!]

There was an article on UXmatters concerning Customer Support Online that we featured one month ago. It states: "Some companies even deliberately hide their contact information, because they simply don’t want customers to contact them." Could be.

Read Seth Godin!

&61.c/ Just Found: The Long Tail Again


Continued from &61.b/. Make sure to read all the valuable thoughts on Read/WriteWeb.

My two cents:

The abscissa is the number of bloggers, one standing next to the other, sorted by their ad revenue, Michael Arrington somewhere upfront, myself completely to the right.

The ordinate is the ad revenue of a single blogger.

Overlapping Curves

Image ©

There are a few articles around discussing a potential Microsoft-Yahoo! merger, others dating from May and September come to our minds. Collected & uncommented, non-chronological on purpose:

September 28 - Seth Godin: "The guys in the blue curve, the new guys, would dearly love the assets and reputation that the green curve guys have. They don't have it, though, so they improvise. They lean into the market. They give customers what they want, and embrace technology and new ideas because they have no other choice.

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