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Nice, now we need lat/long/contour lines as well ;) We especially like the approach to not add the terrain view as an additional feature, but to replace the hybrid view. Google, please keep innovating with this simplicity approach!

Found on!

&86/ The Gang Rebooted


The Gillmor Gang? Those people filled my several-hour car commutes across Europe with Silicon Valley insight and emotion - until it all went silent on Thanksgiving 2006...

Now I hear Michael Arrington shouting: "Steve's back!"


There is not much to add to Jeffrey Zeldman's Understanding Web Design, just read it.

&74/ Just Found: Edison's Bug

Grace Hopper Bug

Image © Computer History Museum

Nick Carr posted on complex technological systems yesterday, on their past - and their presence.

"As a complex technological system evolves, it is rarely able to free itself of its past. Hidden inside it are the vestiges of all its former states, a ghostwork of progress."


Found last week on tompeters!, this week on The Long Tail. We are on to something ;)

Seth gives a good summary of the new business world mechanisms enabling to be profitable at the very right end of the curve:

  1. "Online shopping gives the retailer the ability to carry a hundred times the inventory of a typical retail store.
  2. Google means that a user can find something if it's out there.
  3. Permission marketing gives sellers the freedom to find products for their customers, instead of the other way around.
  4. Digital products are easy to store and easy to customize.
  5. Digital technology makes it easy to customize non-digital goods".

Read Seth Godin!

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