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UXmatters reports on customer support in combination with digital (online, Web) self-service: "If you can provide an easy ways for customers to serve themselves via the Web, Customer Support can focus on handling more complex inquiries over the phone or even use some of their time to sell products."

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Seth Godin cited his 2005 article on DST (summer time or British summer time in Europe) on Sunday when most of the US switched back to winter.

"History goes in cycles, over and over, to the point where it's sort of boring. One of the cycles is the way governments and long-lived organizations unite to fight change."

Now that approximately 70 countries worldwide are united in switching back and forth their clocks twice a year: Is it time for a change again?

Researchers from the University in Munich recently revealed that daylight saving time disrupts humans' natural circadian rhythm. This is only one study but others debate the assumptions and simulations behind the energy, economic, and health effects of DST and it's extension as well - compare this Wikipedia article.

We need more studies! Remember Popeye and the underlying assumption on spinach's iron content?

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In 2005, Jakob Nielsen published the following short list of minimum requirements for ensuring that international/ x-cultural users can use a Web Site:

  1. Internationalize name and address form fields
  2. Internationalize measurements and dates
  3. Communicate regional product standards

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&46/ Just Found: Cut, Copy, Paste


Jakob Nielsen analyzes what he calls Generic Commands today. Interesting read!

"In application design, there's a tension between power and simplicity: Users want the ability to get a lot done, but they don't want to take the time to learn lots of complicated features.

  • One way to address this dilemma is to use progressive disclosure - that is, to show users only the most important options until they ask for the advanced features.
  • Another good approach is to use generic commands, which remain the same across many different contexts and thus reduce complexity."

And: "The cut-copy-paste triad offers the most famous example of generic commands. These 3 basic commands suffice to let users do everything from move text to edit movies."

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&45/ Just Found: Cool Stuff Friday

Reminds me of an early-morning flight from Munich to Amsterdam when the crew announced - boarding completed - that during the night the wrong plane had been fueled, this one being completely empty ;)

We had to wait for the firefighters to show up in order to proceed. Enjoy Guy Kawasaki's 3 lists and 2 tips for the weekend.

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