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Exactly, an intuitive interface is

  1. easy to explain,
  2. then easy to use and
  3. impossible to forget - but
  4. not necessarily self-explaining in the first place.

Remember when you used your first mouse!?

Read the article in Cooper's Journal of Design!

Highly academical.

At least so far... How can clutter be measured?

"The fact that one person's clutter is the next person's organized workspace makes it hard to come up with a universal measure of clutter."

"A team of MIT scientists has identified a way to measure visual clutter. Their research, published Aug. 16 in the Journal of Vision, could lead to more user-friendly displays and maps, as well as tips for designers seeking to add an attention-grabbing element to a display."

Interesting ideas ;)

Read the article!

Great stuff concerning interaction experience - highly academical?

Not really:

Pliancy: How Google changed the way of panning maps by just grabbing and moving. Making sure I don't loose my point of focus.

Fluency: The cell phone ringing for 100% attention during a meeting - crying like a baby for instant care or ignorance.

Jonas Löwgren is professor of
interaction design at Malmö University, one of the founding faculty members of the School of Arts and Communication (k3). He is a teacher and researcher with professional experience from interaction design consultancies, specializing in cross-media design and the design theory of the digital materials.

[Update May 7: Apparently, FromBusinessToButtons has disabled the video link. Check Jonas' Malmö University site instead.]

View the presentation!

John Quelch has an interesting take on How To Be a Customer: "99% of marketing focuses on how to sell to customers. Very little attention is paid to why and how customers should sell themselves to marketers."

He continues to line out 5 bullets that we want to summarize as follows:

  1. Be Demanding - You have options!
  2. Be Respectful - Treat your vendor as a professional!
  3. Be Reliable - Don’t try to nickel and dime the seller!
  4. Be Surprising - Leave a good impression!
  5. Be Engaging - Treat the seller as a problem solver!

Read Harvard Business!

&31/ Just Found: Blah-Blah Text

We are fans of killing it. The architecture of a site should transport the what, why, and where. No more words needed.

Read the (unofficial) What if Jakob Nielsen had a blog? introduction!
Read the Alertbox article!

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