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This looks promising. Alex Jongman working on a reference guide for UiaML.

"The Universal information architecture Modeling Language (UiaML) is a symbolic modeling language like UML that is meant to be a supporting tool for information architects. At it's current state UiaML supports low fidelity modeling. With future development of UiaML we hope to support high fidelity models, too."

We had a project with Microsoft Switzerland 5 years ago where UML was proposed as a communication framework between IA, Design and Implementation but in the end did not really fit. Maybe UiaML will...

Read the specification!

&23/ Just Found: Tabs, Used Wrong?

Yahoo Tabs

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Jakob Nielsen gives us 13 guidelines for tabs: Worth reading but we doubt that we could agree with #1.

1. Tabs should alternate between views within the same context (not to navigate to different areas - a common mistake introduced by


The tabs on our 1960-style offline folders give us navigational guidance into physically separated sub-folders (areas) of documents. alternates between different product category views within the same context of its business model.

To be honest, we do not get the point.

Read the (unofficial) What if Jakob Nielsen had a blog? introduction! | Read the Alertbox article!


What happens when a meteorite hits your data center?


David Stonehouse wrote in September 2003: "Blogs - the latest web craze - are springing up everywhere these days. Short for weblogs, blogs are online diaries penned by folks eager to share their thoughts, feelings or everyday lives with the rest of us."

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