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"Of course, given the lack of ads here, traffic isn't the goal, spreading ideas is."


Intranets are getting more strategic, with increased collaboration support. Team size is growing by 12% per year, and platforms are becoming integrated, with a strong showing for SharePoint. Improving usability increased use by 106% on average.

1997: "Your intranet and your public website on the open Internet are two different information spaces and should have two different user interface designs." View The Difference Between Intranet and Internet Design!

1999: "Intranets Are Under-Funded." View Intranet Portals: The Corporate Information Infrastructure!


From Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox:

"I recently sat through many sessions in which usability test participants attempted to use websites on their mobile phones. What a cringeworthy experience — for both users and researchers. In terms of the user experience quality we observed, it was like stepping into a time machine for a quick trip back to 1998. The similarities were numerous:

&454/ Just Found: Attention Spirals


"Why do certain videos on YouTube become mass phenomena while the vast majority of videos just get a handful of views, if any?

&383/ Just Found: Google Lively

I never adopted Second Life - except for a 30-minute visit two years ago. So let's see where this will lead to. Go Lively!

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