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Not really Just Found. We had Will it Blend before. Watch Blendtec!


Three months of hoping, worrying, discussing, threatening, approaching, retracting, ignoring, and raising are over.

"After careful consideration, we believe the economics demanded by Yahoo do not make sense for us."
Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO


Seth Godin points us to an amazingly beautiful experiment from Vienna, step 1. Harvesting the Twitter stream of emotions ...

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Carlsberg Tram

Image © Feldschlösschen AG

Three weeks ago - tired from a 4 hour train ride - I was getting on one of Zurich's EURO 2008 street rails, the Carlsberg version. Wow. You cannot deduct from the image above how perfectly elaborate the interior of the "Tram" is! I will keep a camera handy for the next encounter.

But no comparison with the IKEA Kobe train Idris Mootee featured yesterday ;) Make sure to read his piece on IBM's "The End of Advertising as We Know It" study below.

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Exactly my point:

  1. Why not switch on the lights as soon as I open my condo (when it's dark outside)?
  2. Why not switch on the light when my alarm bell rings?
  3. Why not close all doors of my car as soon as I leave - nobody else is inside?
  4. Why not keep open the bus and street rail doors just by approaching them?
  5. Why not flush my personal toilet as soon as I am leaving it?
  6. Why not close the front door of my house as soon as I am leaving it - and re-opening as soon as someone is approaching the door from inside?
  7. Why not save my documents as soon as I am typing? Who invented the Save button?
  8. Why not start my laptop as soon as I open the lid?
  9. Why not open any public door as soon as I approach (or stand waiting in front of it)?

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