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Peter Mehrholz gives his view on last week's TED Conference: "TED is easily the premier conference experience I’ve ever had." My recommendation: Definitely make sure to watch the crow video. View!


What made Robert Scoble cry? A valid question these days and TED gives an answer: Mike Arrington and Dan Farber were right - Microsoft Research's World Wide Telescope. Ray Gould previewed it yesterday and the talk is live already. Not really inspiring in nature in my point of view - I link you to Google Earth Sky instead.

Isn't the Microsoft World Wide Telescope a Microsoft Me Too again? Sure, there was Jim Gray working on the topic some time ago already ...

[Update March 3: @Scobleizer himself twitters a much more inspiring demo of the WW Telescope right now! Watch FastCompany!]

[Update May 13: Download it now!]

Get Google Earth Sky!

&235/ Just Found: Google Talk Chatback


Google announced Talk chatback today and we added it right away. Feel free to click the balloon in the right column - above the fold in Tools - which reads "Chat with Harald Felgner".

No IM account or software required! Immediate answer assured!

Read the Google announcement!

Walt Mossberg gives his opinion on multi-touch. The next revolution in UX? Maybe.

&223/ Just Found: Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Image © University of Texas at Austin

Let's start the week with science. There are just too many interesting ideas from biology and related fields! Kevin Kelly points us to a social/ evolutionary graph based on rRNA sequences from the University of Texas. A Facebook of ancestors, MyCosurvivors of evolution, and LivedIn contacts. Admire the circle of life! We are only a small piece of a larger picture.

U are here!

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