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Esther Dyson had an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal this week, discussing the shrinking effectiveness of traditional online advertising compared to the new models of marketing. Some of her points:

  • Concerning their online data, users are no longer looking for privacy, but for recognition as individuals - whether by friends or vendors.
  • New ad networks are starting to track users and show them relevant ads (behavioral targeting) ...
  • ... in whatever online context or space those users are moving.

Combine that with recommendations or "Your friend just bought" messages from your personal graph/ social network contacts (all of them, not only on Facebook); including vendor-friends that you invite into your garden.

Think of it as personalized billboards that show up wherever you commute - based on your yesterday's window shopping habits and depicting your best friend Bob who already bought the featured product.

What powerful new tools for your brand!

The WSJ!


Michael Krigsman from ZDNet had JP Rangaswami yesterday. We support his point of view:


There are quite some definitions of Web 3.0 flying around. Alan Patrick collected different voices. Thanks for the overview!

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"Whatever happens, the salad days for Yahoo are long gone. 2008 will be the year Yahoo ceased to be one of the big independent Internet heavyweights. They’ll almost certainly become an operating subsidiary of Microsoft, or Google’s whipping boy. And if by some chance the government puts a stop to either deal, they’ll have a short reprieve before facing similar decisions next year or the year after. The world is an unforgiving place. Yahoo is cute, cuddly and likable, but they did not execute the way Google did. And because of that they are quickly turning into collateral damage in an epic war that is really just beginning between Microsoft and Google."

It's TechCrunch time!

Marc Andreessen's take on a potential Microsoft/ Yahoo! merger and it's impact on Silicon Valley:

"The Microsoft/Yahoo deal, if it happens, means very little for the entrepreneurial climate in Silicon Valley, or the opportunities available to you and your startup.

Your job is exactly the same as before: build something people want, scale it up, make sure it's defensible, and make sure you can make money with it."

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