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Cruising Seattle

I stumbled upon Christopher Fahey today while performing some research on interaction design. Very valuable insights - I recommend subscribing to his blog immediately:

People take action (mostly) based on one of three emotions:


Read Seth Godin!

Though it is everywhere, we repeat it here: Microsoft offers $44.6 billion to acquire Yahoo. We had the two companies approaching before, so let's close the deal. Or Google jump in alternatively ... Have a look at Steve Ballmer's letter with TechCrunch.

[Update February 3: Follow Google News and Google Blogs ...]
[Update February 4: No decision yet - but Google moving. The WSJ!]
[Update February 9: Yahoo board to reject takeover bid. The NYT!]
[Update February 14: Too many zigzags to follow on this humble blog. In case you are interested, make sure to subscribe to a Google Blog or News feed View the Blog feed! View the News feed!]

It's TechCrunch time!

Three people instantly chatting in English, Spanish and Chinese without knowing each others languages? Apparently feasible with a combined machine/ human translation approach by the New York-based service SpeakLike.

As we all know, language is not the only barrier between cultures but in written communication it is the first and foremost one. The future is near!

BTW, anybody still or already using machine translation services? For me it was a funny experiment years ago to come up with 'unusual' German or English texts - but apart from that ...

Found in FORTUNE Techland! | Visit SpeakLike!

What a coincidence: Having read the first two chapters of Nick Carr's new "The Big Switch" last night, I find a Microsoft Executive E-mail from Bob Muglia in my Inbox this morning barking up the same tree. Bob Muglia is Senior Vice President for Server and Tools Business at Microsoft Corporation.

But in contrast to Nick Carr's book, the mail is written from a quite abstract server point-of-view only. There might be two reasons for this:

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