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Tom Davenport published an interesting article on Six Sigma last week. Have a look at it and at all the comments as well!

Tom conludes:

  • "First, there was all the statistical mumbo-jumbo it implied — but seldom delivered on in most companies’ implementations.
  • Second, it didn’t incorporate information technology — arguably the most powerful force available for improving (or screwing up) processes — in any way.
  • Third, it was overly elitist. Instead of relying on Six Sigma expert “black belts” do the process analysis and design, every employee should be a process improver, as I argued last week.
  • Fourth, it really only enabled incremental improvement, not radical breakthroughs.
  • Fifth and last, it wasn’t a good fit for innovation-oriented work."

One reader adds a point and we especially subscribe to that one:

"No approach works when Leadership does not clearly communicate a coherent strategy to masses and then own the implementation of that strategy. It's like the old mantra 'when the student is ready, the teacher will appear' only it is 'when the leader owns the implementation, the appropriate tools will appear'."

Is Six Sigma really on a downslope?

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Nick Carr defends himself from being mis-quoted:

"IT's alive! [...] IT departments still have a good long life ahead of them, and the quality of that life will be much improved if they embrace, rather than resist, the new choices presented by Web-based computing. To misquote Nietzsche: That which may kill us can also make us stronger."

Our take on it:

The focus of the classical IT department will shift away from the development of a proprietary line of business applications to the consulting when it comes to business requirements and solution selection, deployment of buy-over-build applications, IT governance, and IT project portfolio management.

Anything we have forgotten?

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Let's face it: Browsing the blogosphere during our nighttime occupations we take it for granted that everyone understands the sense and nonsense of all things Web 2.0. But that's quite distinct from our daytime job realities. Asking your IT department for a simple blog replacement of the outdated intranet CMS might bring you back to earth and prove that Web 1.0 might be arriving (if you are lucky) but trying to adopt social media and RSS in the workplace is like reaching for the moon.

&147/ Just Found: Photo-Logging

Kevin Kelly points us to an amazing movie from JK above.

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&143/ Just Found: Note-Taking

Marc Andreessen and Tim Ferris point us to interesting note-taking techniques. Marc cites an idea from Darryl Zanuck, 1934. Tim (face #5 you should know) presents his own process, 2007.

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