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Windows Secrets reports on MSN versus Windows Live charges:

"Thousands of customers are paying almost $120 USD per year to Microsoft for an Internet subscription service that includes e-mail, security, and other features. But Microsoft gives away almost identical services absolutely free in Windows Live and the Windows operating system itself, while neglecting to inform those who pay through the nose."

Our two cents: This is the _old Microsoft business model (MSN, Bill Gates) versus the new business model (Windows Live, Ray Ozzie) in two separate organizational silos_ story. A comment on CrunchGear states: "In short, one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing in Redmond." Might be. Our opinion is: We are witnessing a company in transition.

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Forrester releases a Q4 Marketing Wave research report, AdAge comments and David Armano from one of the researched agencies replies on Experience Matters.

Forrester, AdAge: "The report suggests interactive agencies are better positioned to take over brand strategy than traditional agencies because of the data and insight they are able to cull from interactive channels and because consumer behavior is shifting toward such channels.

Replace WordPress with Movable Type, Drupal, ... whatever could be the out-of-the-box alternative to custom building your next content management system.

Larry Dignan: "Part of this 'let’s build our own CMS' disease comes from your typical not-invented-here management practices. Here’s how this plays out: Geeks get together with media folks that like to pretend they know technology.

Press release from the Kelsey group: "Among the report’s findings is that the Internet’s share of auto advertising dollars on a global basis will grow from 5 percent in 2007 to 13 percent in 2011. During the same period, traditional classifieds’ share is expected to decrease from 14 percent to 10 percent and newspapers’ share is expected to decline from 17 percent to 14 percent."

AdAge: "Kelsey Group estimates automakers' 2008 U.S. ad spending will be flat or down slightly. CEO Neal Polachek said carmakers will shift more dollars online and to out-of-home, with declines in TV, magazines, newspapers and direct mail."

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&131/ Just Found: CIO Versus CTO

We never thought of a difference between those 2 titles: CIO and CTO. Mike Krigsman cites Jonathan Schwartz: "No CIO wore a baseball cap. The same was not true of the CTO sessions."

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