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&169/ See What Happens: Bono in Davos

His message? "Something everybody can do ..."

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QIK is spamming me via Twitter, so let's just add one video from there:

From Wikipedia: "Dave Winer is an American software developer and entrepreneur in Berkeley, California. A pioneer in the areas of RSS, XML-RPC, OPML, outliners, and the MetaWeblog API. He is also the author of Scripting News, one of the oldest weblogs, established in 1997, he is both an evangelist of RSS as "Really Simple Syndication" and the first to implement the feed "enclosure" feature, one of several necessary ingredients for podcasting at the time it first emerged."

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MacBook Air

Image © TechCrunch

Remember Apple burying the 5.25'' floppy, the 3.5'' floppy, and the CRT monitor? Today it is burying the optical disk. Is it?

Sure, my Toshiba Portégé has no optical disk either. And has not had one for years now. But it seems to be a difference when Steve Jobs is introducing an innovation ...

Think of a world where a discussion Blue-ray versus HD DVD won't matter any more - as everything is in the air/ online. Possible. Watch out for the new MacBook Air.

Do we need optical drives and Ethernet on our laptops?

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