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Inventor of the cell phone.

Stephen Colbert says we should know Raj Patel.

"I'd like you to turn 5 again."

The little things matter.

Garr visited the US giving this presentation at Duarte Design, Microsoft, and Google.

Why am I featuring Google? A personal preference? No, in this case, absolutely not. Please, Microsoft, wake up. This is Web 2.0 now. Google merely uploads its talks on YouTube. Where can I find the Microsoft presentation? That's pure ignorance. Stick with your "not built here, not good" and "we keep it to ourselves" attitudes - and you might be out.

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&282/ Faces: Scott Bateman

How long time ago was that? Searching with Hotbot (there was no Google on the horizon). Reading Wired on a regular basis. And watching all those incredible flash videos on Animation Express. Including Scott Bateman. I learned this morning that he is related to David Silverman. Nice Excerpt ;)

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