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Continued from last week's 1-minute article overview on the subject. [T-17] Let us start with 7. Marketing > The Marketing Strategy Process. Credit goes to Steven Silbiger; the process is adapted from the 2nd edition of his book.


Starting with this year's winter term class on x-cultural communication, I will be posting 1-minute blog articles providing a basic business background to the x-cultural corporations block of the seminar [T-25]: The MBA for the Rest of Us.

MBA knowledge is typically subdivided into the following disciplines (in an order that makes sense when you look at the image above):

  1. Ethics - right conduct from a corporate perspective. Corporate responsibility and the intersection of business and society.
  2. Quantitative Analysis - the mathematical tool set used in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Operations.
  3. Economics - the environment and underlying principles for business. Production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Sub-disciplines: Microeconomics (individuals and firms) and macroeconomics (the economy as a whole).
  4. Accounting - numbers. The communication vehicle of a corporation's results to employees, investors, customers, competitors. Sub-disciplines: Book keeping and auditing.
  5. Operations - making products and providing services. Capacity, scheduling, inventory and quality.
  6. Finance - the management and control of money and other assets of a company. Dealing with the numbers from accounting and qualitative analysis.
  7. Marketing - not (only) advertising! Acquisition of new and retention of existing customers via product, price, place and promotion.
  8. Organizational Theory - individuals and their interactions within the corporation.
  9. Strategy - a company's plan to achieve it's goals. Cross-functional. The CEO's and Board of Director's view of the organization.

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